Sharon Cushman, PhDFinding the right therapist is so important. You're placing your trust and hope in someone's hands. You want to know that you're choosing well.

I have over 20 years of experience helping people overcome the problems that get in the way of their personal happiness, their success, and their relationships.


My Specialties Include:

Depression- Does everything seem to take extra effort? Feeling hopeless and helpless? Sad or irritable? [learn more]

Anxiety and Trauma - Does constant worry dominate your life? Are social situations difficult? Do you have difficulty turning off your mind? [learn more]

Couples Counseling- Are you wondering: “ how did we get to this point? Where did the love go?” Are you fighting a lot - or not speaking? [learn more]

Abusive or Self Absorbed Parents  -  Do you find yourself repeating self-destructive patterns or never feeling quite good enough? Do you feel overly responsible for others? Are you self-critical? [learn more]

Chronic Pain- Are you tired of hurting all the time? Do you miss the activities, energy and enjoyment you used to feel. Are you worried about the long-term effects of pain medication? [learn more]

Substance Abuse- Is substance abuse taking control of your life? Are you in a tug of war with your cravings? Is your addiction impacting your work, your relationship, or your ability to function? [learn more]

To learn more about how I work or set up a consultation, please call: 415.507.0790.

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