If you are reading this, then you are already on your way to recovery.  Honestly looking at your addiction is the first step in breaking self-destructive patterns.  Working with clients in all phases of the recovery process is incredibly gratifying to me. People’s worlds open up as they rediscover who they were before addictions took hold.

Addictions can often be found in less obvious areas of our lives. Process addictions like gambling; shopping on the Internet, lack of control over food can all have an addictive component.

As an addiction grows, you can find that your life begins to become narrow as your focus becomes more and more on your addiction.  Often, you can begin to feel distant from friends and family, or they express that they are feeling less connected with you.

I have worked in the field of addictions for many years and have helped my clients reclaim their lives, reconnecting with a new positive outlook with their work and family.  Watching each client’s world begin to expand again, as each person finds his or her unique strengths is an amazing experience to witness.

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